Artful Innovation: Inclusive Design and Technology

July 20 – August 30, 2017 | A Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program



NAO is a human-like robot and is designed to assist children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). NAO helps bridge communication between children with ASD and the people around them. He is friendly looking and predictable, and he reduces children’s anxiety, offers encouragement, and builds trust.

NAO’s activities can also be customized to let him join new worlds outside of autism. He provides assisted medical care in pediatric hospitals,social engagement in elderly nursing facilities, educational programs in public libraries, reception and concierge services for guests at retail stores and hotels, where he is able to speak in 19 a languages. NAO is also part of a dance troupe with human dancers and with other NAOs.

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The friendly looking white and blue NAO robot stands with his elbows bent and looks forward.