Artful Innovation: Inclusive Design and Technology

July 20 – August 30, 2017 | A Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program

Scooter for Life


The Scooter for Life is a prototype designed for the “NEW OLD” exhibition at the Design Museum in London, United Kingdom. The objective of this device is to provide greater mobility for people through their entire lifespan and to help them maintain their independence. Scooter for Life’s design is based on a child’s micro scooter. The innovators created it as a tool for helping older adults stay active, safe, and comfortable as they go on errands or visit a museum. The Scooter for Life has a storage compartment at the front and an optional seat and motor for when people become less able to travel by using their own strength.

PriestmanGoode Website An older woman rides her Scooter for Life alongside her young grandson, who is riding a child’s scooter.